The ZOOM Project
The ZOOM Project
The ZOOM Project
The ZOOM Project

The ZOOM Project

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The ZOOM Project

The past year were very busy with shows for companies like:
Facebook, Checkpoint, Sapiens and meny others
I have a small studio at my home and I create many
new ideas and concepts.
I have a lot of routines and tools to share:
Add a Zoom numbers.
EZ zoom numbers
Pre show numbers.
New revelations: The mask, The map. The songs. The Interactive PDF
And some more extras as always.


"There are many amazing ideas in the project.
There is a fantastic number prediction that is streamlined, extremely flexible
and fast to perform. A great technique to know for your virtual shows."
Or simply "I'll use that!" - Marc Paul

 “I just watched Lior's Zoom Project. It is nice there are no card tricks since it seems most marketed Zoom tricks are cards. I will definitely be putting a couple of these in my show. 5 stars “KC Kameron

 “This is a delightful collection of ideas and material used by a working pro.
I am particularly taken with the pre-show ideas which are simple and powerful,
with wise guidance on how to maximize the impact of your secretly obtained information.“Peter Samelson

"Lior’s ideas and thoughts are workhorses for those of us
who work in the real world.
The zoom project is a goldmine of information
for the virtual world "Keith Barry

"I have everything that Lior Manor has released.
I use all of them! This project includes so many really
great routines and ideas for zoom.
Even if you don't do any zoom shows it is great.
I love the force of numbers." - Lars-Peter Loeld