The Selfie Card Trick - NEW PRICE FOR 2022!

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The Selfie Card Trick 

“Lior Manor does it again. The name of the game is ENTERTAINMENT: keep it simple, keep it hard moves or pipe dreams, just an extensively tested and hilarious routine from a true pro!“ - Oz Pearlman

“Lior’s The Selfie Card Trick is another fine example of his creative use of our time honored principles, in unique, innovative and supremely entertaining ways.“ - Scott Alexander

“Lior manor is one of the busiest working magicians I know and his magic is designed to amaze and entertain people in the real world. This routine is no exception, it’s not just a great concept it’s a complete detailed routine designed by a true pro.” - Asi Wind

“The Selfie card trick is wonderful! I think it will join "Paper Balls over the Head" and "Card on Forehead" as classics of playful magic -- and unlike those other effects, "Selfie Card Trick" is a natural for a mentalist show. Bravo, my friend! -- and of course you can quote me. All the best!” - Chris Philpott

"I love the Selfie Card Trick" ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏 - Ken Weber


Please read carefully before buying.

I can’t describe the routine.
I can’t describe the effect.
400 people bought it and joined the secret Facebook group.

Once you see it then you immediately can do it.
Here is what I can tell you: it’s a 21st century update of the card on the forehead routine with a new clever twist that takes the effect to a new level. It involves all the audience and it’s very funny. There are variations with numbers and names. The spectator will get a gift with a memory for the rest of her life.
you can use it for an amazing promo video of your show.
It’s great for parlor and stage and can even done once in a walk around situation.
It will get a very strong reactions.

So why would you buy something that you don’t know what it is?
Buy it if you know about the reputation that i have in the mentalism world and more important, in the real world as a very busy corporate infotainer that flies all over the world for many years.
If you watched my "Penguin Live Lecture" than you know the level of my real world material.

The Selfie card trick is very good for any mentalist that wants to add some humor to his show.
The Selfie card trick is great for any magician that wants to add 3 minutes of fun and comedy. 

Lior Manor is the inventor of the Invisible Touches, Talk To The Screen, The Mobile Opener, The Big Trivia and many other original concepts. All of them has a very strong effect with a very strong presentation but they are all very easy to do.
Lior received the Dunninger award and the creativity award from the Psychic entertainers association.
Lior does workshops all over the world for mentalists and he consulted the the top mentalists in the world.


You pay for a a professional routine that you can
do 2 minutes after you watch the explanations.
You will get a link to a google drive and invitation to a close Facebook group. (400 members)
You will get another a folder with the mobile opener routine for free.